Saturday, August 29, 2009

To The Daemon of Sublimity by Clark Ashton Smith

To the Daemon of Sublimity is an epic poem in miniature by master of the weird Clark Ashton Smith. Smith was not only a writer of some of the most fantastical tales ever rendered in the English language, he was a close friend and correspondent of H. P. Lovecraft. Though the two never met in person, they shared many of the same themes of flight from the limitations of the modern, all too human, world. They approached these themes in their work from entirely different angles, however. Smith's poetry is crystalline, majestic, and vast in scope. Many of the ideas in his poems seem to bleed over into his prose work, which often takes on the shades of prose poetry itself. There is a prose work published by Night Shade Books in volume one of the five volume Collected Fantasies entitled entitled To the Daemon which carries the same thirst for ultimate escape into vaster than imaginable mysteries, though the poem has a more tragic essence. See also the great Eldritch Dark website for an in depth view of Smith and his work.


  1. Magnificent work. CAS would be THRILLED! A TOAST to all those who adore this geniuses life and works....and strive to keep it alive and growing.

    I want ALL of your printed creations. Kelmscott Press; eat your heart out.

    A few months ago I produced this song not more than 30 miles from the site of Smith's Auburn, CA cabin..

    Kind wishes

    Charles Schneider
    Bklyn, NY

  2. joe that is beauty. good seeing you today. we should have beers with wes soon.